Great tips for learning HTML

If you’ve done some basic tutorials and played around a bit with HTML code, you are learning what it can do. If you’re creating a website, or app, or just enhancing blogs, posts and emails, these tips might be of help to you to enhance your HTML skills. You might also get more people seeing the beauty that you created.Image result for HTML

  1. Become confident with the basics. If you are foreign to code, it will look confusing and complex. But you can master the basics quite easily, and once you have done this you will find that the knowledge will transfer naturally to help you create and modify almost anything written on a computer program. A good knowledge of the basics can take you far.


  1. When reviewing your code don’t just view it through one browser, as it may appear differently on other browsers. When you’ve finished coding, run your website through all the major browsers to ensure it looks beautiful, and exactly as you wanted it to.


  1. You can place comments in your HTML script to explain things to users or remind yourself of things. This isn’t part of the code and won’t be read by the browsers, but can be very useful to you. You can find online tutorials about how to use HTML comments to your advantage.


  1. Make your images look better. You can learn extra skills for embedding images in your text so that they don’t break up or appear where you don’t want them to. You can also learn how to input height and width of images in your text to enable your website to load faster and get people on it and clicking quicker.


  1. Enhance the power of links. Hyperlinks which take you to another page increase your rating on popular search engines; the more links you have to your page from other sites the more visible you are in a search. You can approach other popular and relevant sites to set up this mutual relationship, and then through HTML put hyperlinks in your page to their site.


  1. Once you have the basics, don’t just limit yourself to the basics. For instance page design is not just pretty, the way everything is presented is for a reason; it should all be calculated to get you more visits and more business. Now that you know how to manipulate the page, you should learn the psychology of why you should set it out a certain way for maximum results, and put your pages to their best use.


  1. There are updated versions of HTML, and when you’re ready, you probably should master them. The basics are the same thankfully, so if you have learnt on an earlier version you will be able to adapt to a newer one. At the time of writing we are up to HTML5.


Once you are confident with the basics, it is really in your best interests to brush up on all the features and capacities of the newest model. It was updated for a reason; it is easier and cleaner to use, and allows you to do more.


Just start with these HTML tips, and your use of HTML is only limited by your imagination and your confidence. At its base level it is a tool to be used to create, maintain, and update websites, but its essence is in making your website as engaging as possible to promote the you in your business.